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I got stripped!


That’s right! I literally got ‘stripped’ in front of the training class today by Arthur Carmazzi  — MENTALLY,

simply by using his Colored Brain Cards to decode me inside out!  (and it’s not even TAROT card reading!)

As someone who practices numerology and tarot card readings for others, what I had just experienced was pretty impressive!

Simply by drawing a few cards from this deck of Colored Brain cards was able to decode:

  • what makes me tick as a person
  • what are my emotional drives behind my every action,
  • How the level of growth and challenges I seek for,
  • How ‘constipated’ my mind is , ie. sort of a conflict with too many things I want to achieve and get going
  • and even WHY I would date ‘a particular type of men’ for the shorter term
  • What type of MEN that I am attracted to (don’t ask me cos’ I’m not telling)
  • and the list goes on…….

So in case if you are wondering, NO… Arthur is not a PSYCHIC reader. He’s one of world’s top leadership trainer whom I’m understudying with currently.  I am in the middle of my Leadership Psychology training, and this is just one of the powerful techniques used that can literally tell what are the emotional drives behind us.

I am very excited to introduce this to my seminars, and one on one consultations when I return back to Singapore.

You’ll be really amazed by how it can transform the way we communicate with our family and loved ones, and even increase your success rate in organisations and own business!

Meanwhile, for those who would like to do a free colored brain test, visit this site: www.coloredbrain.com .