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Which foot first?

I just took my first vacation this year after an exciting first quarter writing my first book.

I took a trip to New York, Miami and the Caribbean Islands, and had a training on vacation on the Norwegian cruise!

A total of 9 flights and a cruise liner in half a month. That was a record for me.

On one of the days, together with my mentor, we decided to do the Adventures Ropes Course,

which was built on the high deck of the ship – 16th storey above sea level!


The ropes course is an obstacle course that challenges your mental and physical ability,

and definitely give me the weak knees walking on high beam on 16th deck of the cruise!

There were several obstacles where you have no strings nor blocks of wood to hold onto,
and you have to walk from one end to another. Imagine walking across a fline line.

Taking the first step was the hardest.
I could not decide which foot to put out first, which leg had more strength.

And as I took the next step, I felt my knees wobbly like jelly, and the fears of not being able to place my foot fitting just right on the narrow wooden plank, in exact measurement and a little off placement, I could risk a miss and be left hanging in mid air.

At the back, I had my friends cheering “keep going keep going”.

In life, isn’t it the same.

When we need to embark on a mission, a project, or walk towards a heart’s desire,
taking the first step is the hardest.
Lots of hesitation, as we seek for security and comfort.

In life, we stop, and turn back. Some of us never took that step.

Celebratory ride!

Here’s the difference.

On the ropes course, you just keep walking.
Even if you have uncertainties in your head, fears around you with whispers in your ears,
you know that if you keep walking forward,
you will reach your landmark, though you may not know how.

Just keep walking forward.

I was received by my friend on the other end with a little help.

And when you reach the other line, the feeling is greater than all the fears that you can imagine,
just like my celebratory swing down the zipline!