I’m a Green Brain!

I’m a Green Brain!

Have you ever tried talking to someone explaining something so clearly, which you think under any common sense, the person would definitely get it, and THEY JUST DON’T GET IT?

This reminded me of my previous relationships with the men that I have dated – ‘The men just don’t get it, playing out the ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’ typical squabble scenario.

I spent my past two days learning about this really amazing tool used for psycho-productivity management call the ‘Colored Brain Communication Inventory’, which is an assessment that can influence leadership, business and relationships. Just like any psychometric test, we have a set of questions to answer that doesn’t take more than 15 minutes, and results are immediate.

Imagine simply by knowing how the way your brain processes information, it can potentially transform your leadership and relationships be it at work, or with your family and loved ones.

So this Colored Brain Model has 4 brain colors – RED brain, Green brain, Blue brain and Purple brain.

After doing the test, it says I am a Green Brain! So what does that say about me?

With a Green Brain:

It is like Chaos processing in my head!

I do not need a lot of information to get started on any project, and am very open to many possibilities.

I am good at creative problem solving, like impromptu moments..

With little information, I can start taking action and build on my project, and I just need to continue to gather feedback along the way

I’m spontaneous

I do not work too well in a structured environment with too much rules.

I can come across as impatient

and lot’s more…

Well, it totally nailed it!  More importantly through this assessment, how it helped me to better understand why I have much lower tolerance and stronger negative reaction towards some people, and why some projects and partnerships never quite kicked off.

Now there is no perfect colored brain as we all have mix of different ‘colors’ that are like softwares built in over time, be it cultivated from the work that we do. So my secondary color is Red brain.

To read more about the Colored brain, you can visit http://www.coloredbrain.com .colored

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