Deleting important information impacting your success?

Welcome Bali, welcome me! Yeah! I am currently up in Bali having a chill out time with my lovely friend Laura who’s hosting me up here. At the same time , allow me to work on some clients, and importantly to attend a very important training on leadership psychology by one of world’s top leadership Guru Arthur Carmazzi. Super excited!

So just from the first day of training, it gave me some good revelation and new learning which I am excited to bring it back to Singapore and work with my clients. Well, do we all know that subconsciously we are deleting important information that are impacting our success day in day out?

What if all it takes is one simple modification to our awareness, our mind that can potentially increase our success, bring about more fulfilling relationships and happiness in our lives? So let me introduce this word to you. Some of us may have heard of this word call RAS – Reticular Activating System. Now, remember when you first wanted to own your first iphone or Samsung phone? Right after you got it, did you started seeing many more people holding the same phone as you? Similarly, someone wanted to buy a gold mercedez  benz. Next thing you know it, you started to see many more people driving the gold mercedez benz on the roads.

This is call our ‘mind of focus’ = RAS where we have set the ‘intention’ to attract something, and we just keep seeing it. So here’s an interesting experiment that I like to invite you to try.

I ask you to look around your room or wherever you are right now, and look out for items that are brown. (give yourself 30s). Now close your eyes, and look out for items that are color blue. IN this experiment that has been repeated many times, most people cannot recall what items are blue. This is because our mind has been set to see BROWN, and have subconsciously block out other colors like BLUE.

So imagine, in real life, we are so focus on fixing some issues, or complains, we naturally forget the better things in our lives – we are deleting /omitting what is important positive information that are impacting our success! Well think about this – When we think of security systems and what do we think of? To capture thieves and burglars breaking into houses and offices right?

Similarly, in corporate organisations, it is no wonder supervisors and managers are always looking out for issues and faults of their employees without realizing it. I have a client – Ryan who came to me for consultation and complained how his wife is always checking on him every single day. Whenever he gets home, his wife would search through his pockets, his bags, his clothes and would ask him questions like ‘where did you go?’ , ‘why did you come home so late? Are you sure you did not go else where besides going out with your friends?’

There’s one thing about is that Ryan has been up to mischief previously, having misappropriate behavior that has caused the wife to not trust him. As a result, her RAS is set to looking out for negative aspects of this relationship – the tendency of her husband to cheat. Guess what? Ryan got so tired of her regular checks, feels that he is losing interest in his wife as she is driving him ‘insane’, and there is a new lady that is creating some distraction now! In this blog, I will not discuss about what how could they, as a couple reconcile the situation so that could potentially avoid her negative behavior at this stage.

So question is : do we want to attract more positivity or negativity into our lives? All it takes is a gear shift.  A slight modification to our own awareness, our own thoughts of looking and attracting more positivity into our lives be it work or relationships, imagine what more we can attract? How can this awareness help us increase our own level of tolerance, direct our focus on more important information that can increase our success rate instead?

So let us go out there and attract more beautiful things into our lives today!

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