Regain Your Power Book Launch 2014


I believe many of us have the opportunity to illuminate our lives than seeing the darker side of things. – Brenda Tan

In this book, “Regain Your Power: Powerful Lessons for Self-Improvement, Love and Success”, it offers solid advice for people looking to regain the joy they have lost in life.

The 7-chapter book promises to help readers rebuild their relationships and improve the way they communicate. It teaches, among other things, how one can thrive in uncertainties and build optimism and positivity in life. Short and concise book that allow readers to finish within hours and can apply new approaches right away!

Regain Your Power has earned its spot as Best Seller in leading Kinokuniya Bookstore. It is also sold on Amazon and Google Playstore.

“Brenda Tan is one of those extraordinary people who even when successful in one area of life will boldly move forward to follow her heart and fulfill her dreams. She inspires and guides those who she touches and Regain Your Power gives us all ways we too can live fully and follow our dreams. Thank you Brenda.”

– Bruce Wilson, Certified Master Business Coach, New Zealand


1Understand yourself deeper and why what makes you special is the secret!

2Strengthen the bonds with family and loved ones.

3Feel self-empowered and stop succumbing to the pressure of others.

4Be authentic, true to yourself and loved by others.

5Improve balance in your work and life.

6Find inspiration and happiness in your life.

7Learn about the path Brenda took that led her to happiness, and lessons learnt.

8Gift this to someone who needs to end self-sabotage.


I have known Brenda for a few years and have come to recognize and admire her for consistently reaching new heights and being a great role model for others to take risks and take that road less travelled. She has written a wonderful piece here, full of anecdotes, stories and life experiences which will evidently cause shifts in many lives. This book is a great testimony to the challenges she faced as a kid and how she weathered all of them to eventually turn out into the lovely person that she is. Congrats Brenda!

Dr Granville D’Souza

Author of ‘EQ From the Inside Out’, ‘Unshakeable Spirit’ and ‘The EQ Leader’

I am truly touched by the sincere, personal sharing by Brenda Tan. Its drill right into the core of all inner challenges we are facing and offer enlightening solutions how we can overcome them. Liken to a mirror that reflects our blind spot, I highly recommend her book to all my friends!

Loi Suling


The lessons, ideas, stories and thought-provoking questions in this book will guide you to Regain Your Power so that you can live your life fully, honestly and without regret.

Nishant Kasibhatla

Guinness Record Holder (2011), Grand Master of Memory and Author of ‘Maximise Your Memory Power’

This book has helped me reflect upon my actions and make meaningful changes to enhance my thoughts, attitude and perspectives. It is true gold.

Khyla Raman

Trainer, Identi3 Profiling