My Vipassana experience: Experiencing pure joy over temporary joy
February 6, 2018

Knocking Out The Blues

Sometimes we are in the forest too long, we may miss out noticing the trees, the leaves and hearing birds sing. We focus so much on what is around us, which is nothing but the dark brown tree trunks, that everything around us look dark and gloomy. And because we are so used to looking at one direction, we forget about looking up.

When we look high up, we will notice what has been there around which we have missed; the sun that has been shining and smiling at us, beaming through the tall tree branches giving us the energy and vitality, the different shades of green, colourful prints of birds and even animals too! Happiness, joy, fun is right up there if we go find it, go look at it, go change direction from what we have always been doing – habitual energies!

Months back, I was down for a period of time. Just like being in the forest, I soon forgot about the tall tree brunches, leaves and birds! I was focusing internally within myself too long at what was lacking in me, how else I could do better (but still from a space of lack) and the environment I was in then, made me felt more negative internally! As I did that, I continued to allow my own vibrations to sink lower and lower.

Even as coaches and mentors, we are not perfect and there are periods where we can catch ourselves off guard, going down and feeling negative too! I’m glad I have wonderful people around me, and one who gave me a nudge for me to make a change and come out of my gloomy time! Well, there will be times where we feel moody, frustrated, angry and disappointed for whatever reason. And that sucks! Not that we are going to ignore how we feel, but perhaps it’s about time to allow joy to come in?

So here’s 3 FUN tips to knock out the blues:

Be The FUN

In crowds and gathering, do not focus if anyone is going to come and talk to you, give you attention, or be interested in your presence. Be the FUN! Go talk to someone who’s looking alone or uncomfortable. Tell a funny story to someone you met! Make the group laugh and make others feel at home! You are not the only one that may be down, so how about make someone else’s day instead!

Focus on external FUN

To bring up your low vibrations, go out and do fun things! Go do something which you’ve always enjoyed but not done it for long time such as karaoke, dancing, art jamming or fly a kite! Be around fun people and soak in the happy atmosphere. By doing so, we allow ourselves to break pattern, and stop thinking of what is lacking, and allow our hearts to be filled with positive joy and fun! Every time when I’m with my bestie whom I call her my partner in crime, she just brings out the FUN in me!

See The FUN

Everything has no meaning until you give it one. You can choose how you want to react to it. I always felt its nasty to see people fall and everyone else laughs on American Funniest Home Videos! I could choose not to laugh and empathise with it instead.

Likewise, see joy and fun in what is around you! Start to pay attention and look out for what is fun and attract FUNness into your life! Soon you’ll realise there are many little things such as even birds watching at your park, watching different kind of kites up in the sky, and chilling by the beach with few friends can be pretty fun and you may receive some interesting insights for yourself too!

Breathing in, I’m FUN!
Breathing out, Fun is everywhere!