About Me

Fun Facts About Brenda Tan….

  • I have a green and red brain and I have a ‘creator’ profile. This enables me to spring up ideas spontaneously, fix issues creatively and react fast in a crisis
  • I was often called the Ice Queen back in school. What I thought was cool turned out otherwise.
  • I broke 2 Singapore Book of Records!
  • I had gone through major bad BREAKUPS, quarter life crisis worrying about my job, to searching for my soul purpose, feeling helpless and DEPRESSED. You are not alone!
  • I am still here in ONE piece despite my own roller coaster ride of my life, where I had the opportunity to witness what success and glory really was, and how it felt to walk down the darkest of tunnels, depressed and broke.
  • I am THANKFUL and do my gratitude list daily. I CELEBRATE life, being grateful for every breathe I have, surrounded by amazing people today, and doing what I love.

My Story

Cited by the Prime Minister of Singapore in his National Day Rally Speech in 2008 as a story of excellence, Brenda is dedicated to helping individuals and organisations maximise their capacity for success.

Brenda Tan is a speaker, author and coach. She has helped many people to unleash their potential and achieve their desired results in their lives. In her latest book “Regain Your Power”, she share many important life-changing lessons on personal empowerment and living fully.

Her clients span across countries such as Australia, America, Canada, Qatar, England, and Singapore. Her most recent success was having organized the inaugural Women of Wealth and Abundance, women’s only event, and brought in Randi Zuckerberg (Facebook Founder’s sister), and speaking alongside with her and other international speakers. She also organised Singapore’s largest Gokon Gathering, making it into the Singapore Book of Records; she spoke to the audience on what must they do to have rewarding relationships personal and professionally.

Marrying her passion for achieving personal and professional success, Brenda was a business coach with ActionCoach where she coached professionals from engineers, aspiring entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals to owners of SME businesses across various industries.

A photograph of sliced kiwifruit on a while plate

All these did not happen overnight.

Being a mildly dyslexic child, and less academically inclined, Brenda chased away 7 tution teachers, and enrolled into The Institute of Technical Education (ITE). Labelled as a lost cause, she eventually made it through to Ngee Ann Polytechnic, and worked at Citibank where over the course of 8 years, she rose from a telemarketing sales person to head a call centre in Malaysia with close to 100 staff strength at just age 26.

She also won several awards of which included the prestigious Country Business Manager Supervisory Award and another for her outstanding contribution to Malaysia’s call centre’s revenue growth.

A photograph of sliced kiwifruit on a while plate

Brenda was also the Ambassador and Trainer for Business Network International (BNI - Singapore), world’s largest business networking organization, where she brings businesses together to network effectively.

Brenda’s achievements caught the notice of our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, where she was cited during the 2008 National Day Rally “a life that exemplifies our Singapore story”. She also received a letter of acknowledgement by PM Lee on her recent Book Launch 2014, for being an encouragement to young people. Brenda has also been featured in media such as TODAY, Capital TV Malaysia, and Le Petit Journal.

A photograph of sliced kiwifruit on a while plate

Today, Brenda conduct talks and workshops on topics such as team building, personal empowerment, customer service, and spiritual fitness for organizations such as Oracle, Changi Airport Group, Great Eastern Life Assurance, Oiltanking and Mandarin Oriental Hotel to name a few.

Brenda holds an Honours degree in Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the National University of Ireland. During her free time, Brenda also volunteers serving in the ITE Alumni Committee to help raise funds for needy ITE students, and Teochew Poit Ip Huay Kuan, Local International Affairs. During her free time, she does boxing and running.

My Mission

Brenda is advocating the global LOVE movement around her belief that ‘Relationships are the only things that matter in life’. The breakdown of relationships leads to the breakdown of the family which leads to the breakdown of our economy which leads to the breakdown of our culture.

With the global team of RelationshipFirst, Brenda wants to:

  • Bringing awareness on the importance of LOVE education to a million people worldwide within 5 years.
  • Empower people with the tools to talk without criticism, listen without judgment and connect beyond our differences.
  • Spread this conscious LOVE movement centered around building a robust love foundation so we can have amazing relationships.